Conflict Contract


Another great Luna Cruz-Rattlesnake Lawyer thriller. Kidnappers have snatched Judge Luna Cruz’s daughter. They will kill the girl unless Luna releases a Hollywood movie star who is making a film in New Mexico. While stuck in jail, Public Defender “”Conflict Contract”” Attorney Dan Shepard gets a call from a mysterious woman with a Russian accent. “”My fiance is one of your clients next week. He can help you save the little girl.”” ‘I’ve got 100 clients all over New Mexico,”” Dan replies. “”Which one?”” “”He’ll only help you if you win his case.”” “”How will I know who he is?”” “”You’ll know.”” “”By the way, who is this?”” Click . . . Dan then journeys around the state on a desperate race against time to save Luna’s daughter, all while avoiding judge who want to throw him back in jail on contempt.

Publication Date: June 22, 2010